Dating gay guys isn’t for the feint of heart 





Watch the Grammys or go on a date ? Hmmmm.

He did ask me out though …

decisions decisions *plays hard to get*

Not sure if I can handle this dating crap…..FUCK LIFE

Thought we had a connection but I guess not since I found out he already made plans to see another dude for a first date :/

*sings All By Myself* la la la la

Dating is so complicated and confusing 

One minute they’re all into you (chatting via the dating website) and ask for number.

The next day it’s like you’re not important to them. GG 

So, I haven’t actually told any of my real life friends that I like guys as well.

Not sure when the right time is the drop the bomb. 
Before or after Chinese New Year. Hmmm….

I feel obliged to tell my best friend first but he’s been going through a tough time so I don’t want to rock the boat :/ 

Watched Wolf of Wall Street yesterday with friends from college.. Didn’t expect so much nudity and sexual content in the movie. Got a little turned on in some scenes.  

Explains why the move is rated 18A. Since I’m older than that, I don’t bother looking at ratings anymore.

Then we had Japanese food =D

Being unemployed has it’s ups and downs. I’m lucky enough to have my parents take care of me while looking for work. But sometimes I just feel so useless and I want to crawl into a corner and cry :’(

Like almost every job requires you to have experience. How the hell are you going to get experience if no one even hires you / lets you work for them for free.

Had lunch with a guy I met off OkCupid. He’s 4 years older than me, has a PhD, and is now currently doing his post-doc at one of the best hospitals in the city. So smart *swoon*

We have quite a lot in common in science crap (academics), tv shows, sports, activities, lifestyle etc…  He’s actually a little shorter than me and I’m only 5 ft 6. He also just got braces 2 years ago so it’s pretty adorable but they’re gonna be gone soon =(. He also ordered for me which was cute. I think he also wanted to pay for lunch (he put down his credit card) but I couldn’t really hear him so I just gave him a $20.  

Overall, he seems quite interested in me since he almost always messages me first. This morning before our lunch date he even stalked my “last seen” and thought I had already got up around 9am . So he said good morning to me and freaked out that I didn’t reply haha. I told him later that my biological usually wakes me up around that time and I just went back to sleep.

p.s. I’m having an experiment with the guy who I went to his place to watch Anime. I was the one always messaging him and our conversations never seemed to go anywhere. The only thing we have in common is LoL and that’s it. He doesn’t seem have any other interests or passions :/