Yay ! Going with my boyfriend <6

Yay ! Going with my boyfriend <6

Mar 3
Too funny &lt;6

Too funny <6

Mar 1

The guy I’m dating / soon to be boyfriend (probably) is such a dork <6 

Just writing this because I’m nervous as fuck.

Got selected for a written assessment to work for the Government of Canada. Then interviews after if I do well on this test.

If I get the job, I’ll end up working in the same building as my dad …  

Feb 1

Some days, I feel like the most important person in the world.

Other days, I feel like the world would be the same without me.

Dating gay guys isn’t for the feint of heart 





Watch the Grammys or go on a date ? Hmmmm.

He did ask me out though …

decisions decisions *plays hard to get*

Not sure if I can handle this dating crap…..FUCK LIFE

Thought we had a connection but I guess not since I found out he already made plans to see another dude for a first date :/

*sings All By Myself* la la la la

Dating is so complicated and confusing 

One minute they’re all into you (chatting via the dating website) and ask for number.

The next day it’s like you’re not important to them. GG